Friday, April 5, 2013

Carrot Cake Oatmeal!

I used to make carrot cake oatmeal that was decadent.  But those days are gone.  For now.

This time, I am making the Fat Smash Phase One version, and quite frankly, I didn't really miss all the added maple syrup and other sugary additives.

My other recipe (sorry, it's sideways) calls for milk, walnuts and syrup, which I completely omitted for Fat Smash Phase One.  I also should have skipped the raisins, but it's one thing
I just can't quit, when it comes to oatmeal.  Fat Smash or not.
I just cooked old-fashioned oats, per the instructions on the canister, and added one cup of shredded carrot, and used water instead of milk, about 1 3/4 cup.  Instead of maple syrup, I used a teaspoon of honey and a dash of salt.  I only had sweetened coconut flakes, so I skipped that, too.

The carrot gave it a nice, slightly crunchy texture, which I think oatmeal greatly needs.  It was simply wonderful! 


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