Monday, September 24, 2012

Figs as a snack, and PBJ Stuffed French Toast

Happy Monday!!

Trying to get caught up with all the photos I've taken of the cooking I've been up to.   But first, a clean snack. 

Purple figs.  Ever had one?  My Produce Juntion had pints for just $2.  I couldn't pass them up. 

Figs taste just like overripe bananas.  Super-sweet and soft.  I was feeling like a decadent snack today, and since I am trying to keep my calories under 1200, that doesn't leave me with much.  So, I peeled a few figs (you can technically eat the skin, but I never eat fruit skin), sliced them into halves, and put a dot of homemade fromage blanc on each (a recipe for another day), then topped it with a pecan.

 Sweet, a teensy bit savory, and LOADS of yumminess.  With nothing over-processed or any nasty preservatives.  

And what got me so hungry for a snack in the first place was just THINKING about writing this post, featuring yesterday's PBJ Stuffed French Toast.  It was so good, even though my daughter suffered a little burn on her leg from the gooey, hot jelly in the middle.

Here's all you need:

You just make a PBJ sandwich for each person at the table.

Whisk up two eggs and dip each sandwich in the eggs, top and bottom.  Then toss them on a buttered grill pan and cook away!  I sprinkled with a little cinnamon sugar on top....

About three or so minutes on each side, or until you get this brown looking deliciousness.

We just halved them and ate them like this.  No need for syrup!  But  like I said, the jelly gets really melty, almost liquidy.  Let them cool slightly before eating.....and for heaven's sake, lean over your plate!




~Robin~ said...

I love, love, love figs! My parents have a fig tree and when I went to visit them this summer, I think I ate my weight in figs.

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